All That Wood, LLC Vinyl Fence Sales

Since 1999, All That Wood, LLC Vinyl Fence Sales has been your premier source for fencing products in Hermiston, OR. We specialize in in-house custom-made vinyl privacy fencing and vinyl gates. Additionally, we offer vinyl ranch rails designed to meet your needs!

Through trial, testing, and experience over the last 21 years we have fine-tuned the products we offer from our in-house produced aluminum gates to our specially designed hinge and latch packages.

We are not a big box store. Our product is NOT sent from a corporate shipping yard and told to sell it no questions asked. We have used our 21 years of operation to test what vinyl and metal works best and last’s the longest in our desert climate.

Unlike a lot of big box stores that just happen to sell fences, our knowledgeable staff can help with any questions you might have about our product, be it the installation process, the vinyl extrusion process, vinyl custom applications, gate weight capacity, vinyl color combination. We can help answer just about any question you may have about our products.

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Premium Vinyl Fencing in Umatilla County, OR

Whether for privacy, practicality or to enhance the aesthetic of your property, making the investment in a fence is a smart idea and one that will lend sustainable value to your life. When making this investment, however, it’s important to get the best quality product for your money—and that means working with All That Wood, LLC. Vinyl Fence Sales The premier provider of fencing in Umatilla County, OR, we’re here to make sure you’re not left compromising when it comes to your vision of the perfect fence!

What sets All That Wood, LLC Vinyl Fence Sales apart from other companies is more than just the quality fencing products we provide—it’s the thorough approach we take when working with all of our clients. Whether you need something simple or you’re interested in custom designed vinyl fencing, we’re here to work with you to ensure the process is seamless. We strive to earn your seal of approval on every fence we make, unlike big box stores, we go out of our way to give you something that exceeds your every expectation.

  • Our facilities are equipped with a state-of-the-art CNC machine, for routering custom vinyl products to meet your specifications.

  • We have decades of industry experience in the fencing industry.

  • We offer competitive rates on all of our fencing products and materials.

Looking for a quote on quality fencing? Want to discuss your options with an expert professional? Let the pros at All That Wood, LLC Vinyl Fence Sales assist you today!